The digital solution for your collaborative meetings

Yellow is a software solution digitizing brainstorming activities, creativity, decision making and visual project management.

Use cases

Creativity in Yellow

Use Yellow to take notes, lead meetings, brainstorm or organize creativity session.

Visual Management session in Yellow
Visual Management

Customize Yellow and benefit from its flexibility to manage visually your projects (Lean, Obeya, …)

Training content in Yellow

Transform teaching by adding rich interactions moments (ideas exchange, vote, etc…)

Crisis management thanks to Yellow
Crisis management

Focus on the problem to solve and build the best solution as a team, even in remote configurations.

Yellow digital whiteboard in use

Lead your meeting

Yellow is designed to compete with the simplicity of the paper and the dynamic of meetings based on Post-its. Without training, use and annotate without space limit.

  • Draw
  • Paste Post-Its
  • Paste images
  • Paste stickers

Engage your participants

Capture your audience and take advantage of the collective intelligence. Encourage them to send Post-It, images, pictures and doodles from their devices.

  • From a smartphone
  • From a tablet
  • From a computer

Several ideas send to the board through a smartphone

Several boards work simultaneously and remotely

Collaborate remotely

Yellow makes no difference between a meeting with all the participants in the same place, using one board or several interconnected boards.

  • Lead in realtime
  • View only mode or co-hosting mode
  • Several places and several devices

Discover how Yellow changes meetings