• Conduct meetings has never been easier

    Alone or in a group, paste Post-it™ and stickers on the board, organize your items, annotate them and export your work to share it with your team!
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  • Collaborate naturally. Wherever you are.

    Yellow simplifies users exchanges allowing them to share their ideas on the board directly from their smartphone or their computer, even remotely!
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  • Yellow’s adapting to your business.

    Installed on the cloud, on your corporate server or locally, Yellow is the solution you need with thanks to her reliable and highly secure architecture. We help you choose the most suitable solution.
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Our team of UX designers and developers works tirelessly to offer you the best experience possible. At Yellow, feedback from our users shapes our R & D, we select and develop for you tools perfectly adapted to your uses.

Draw and erase like on paper

Use one or more pages (tables) in your meetings

Create and position post-it™ on the board

Paste stickers

Annotate your photos and diagrams

Use templates to conduct your meetings

Capture, export and share your productions freely

Work remotely like if you were in the same meeting room that your team

Visually tags’ your post-it™

Perform manual and automatic selections

Enrich your post-its with metadata to carry out extensive research

Filter on the board and apply visual filters

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About Yellow

Yellow is a digital solution based on post-it, in the same place or remotely.

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