Lead your meeting

As leader or just participant, using Yellow is easy for everyone.
Its ergonomy has been designed for punctual users and experienced users.

Digital Whiteboard

Yellow meeting animation
Annotate without limit

Use the pen to write on the board, in the Post-it™ or to annotate an image.

Multi users

Collaborate with your entire team, write, move elements, paste Post-it™ and stickers, at the same time.

Work together

Add images, annotations or stickers. Move, brainstorm and converge freely. Finally vote with stickers to display your choices.

Value your meetings

Yellow réunion numérique
Capture key moments

Capture an image of the board, keep it in the gallery, share with participants.

Share a summary

Keep track of all pages, assets, captures and Post-it™. Yellow even recognize handwritten text. Share the report and never dismiss an idea again.

Reuse easily

Start from existing meetings or copy/paste content to new meetings.

Prepare your meetings

Design your own canvas

Want to follow a process, brainstorm or visually manage a project ? Nothing could be easier by creating your own canvas. Use any image on the fly or store it in the company gallery.

Take advantage of best practices

Yellow comes with a full catalog of well known canvas from brainstorming and management world, curated with care by our team.

Light up your presentations

Import your presentation directly into Yellow (image in the background). Write, annotate, brainstorm to clarify your explanations.

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About Yellow

Yellow is a digital solution based on post-it, in the same place or remotely.

Made with by the Sensorit team