Collaborate freely

Engage your participants to get more ideas.
Work as a team on the same content, in the same place or remotely.

Unleash your participants

Yellow réunion interactive
Send ideas to the board

Invite participants to share ideas on the board. Using our web site, they can send post-its, drawings and pictures from their smartphone. Engage even shy people!

Follow the boards activities

Still from their smartphones, participants can follow up a session remotely (view each page content or follow the leader’s modifications in live).

No installation required

Let participants use their devices or supply hardwares of any size or platform. No installation required.

Collaborate remotely

Share your board

Let remote whiteboards join your session to work together on the same content : write and edit as if you were all in the same place. Receive ideas from all participants through the website.

Augmented collaboration

Cursors show each board viewport and manipulations. Call out participants or show a specific part of the whiteboard thanks to the “highlight” feature.

Keep the control

Control which boards can join your session, let them edit or just follow your work.

Respond to multiple collaboration scenarios

Yellow Scenario Complet
Designed for very large screens

Make the most of Yellow with touch screens larger than 60″ and active pen support. Yellow also work on tablets or regular computers (without touch).

Design immersive rooms

Design meetings rooms (real or virtual) with interconnected devices on which everyone can interact.

Yellow in mobility

Provide a personal version of Yellow to your consultants and let them benefit from the ergonomy adapted to the laptop experience.

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About Yellow

Yellow is a digital solution based on post-it, in the same place or remotely.

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