Yellow Certified
You are an expert in visual collaboration?
Shine a light on your expertise!
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Master the art of digital collaboration.
Level up with the Yellow certification.
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The tool

Learn the basics of Yellow to create content and collaborate with your team.
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The use cases

Master Yellow for managing projects, creating presentations, facilitating workshops, and more.
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The facilitation

Explore the potential of digital to stimulate participants' creativity and generate engagement.
A program that boost your career
Add some sparkle to your resume ✨
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Stand out with the Yellow Certified badge to display on your professional profile.

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Gain confidence and credibility through recognition of your expertise.

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Join the community of experts to expand your network and seize new opportunities.

How can you get the certification?
To obtain your badge, attend a training session (the content of which will depend on your mastery of Yellow) and validate your knowledge with our team.